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Behind The Scenes On Easter

Easter 2020 has been a challenge for everyone behind the scenes at Churches around the world. In Australia, our government has been slowly stepping up restrictions over the past month or so, and with each new change in restrictions, we’ve had to rethink Easter plans with all of our 20 Cubits Churches.

20 Cubits has been working with Narre Warren Baptist Church for a few months, and despite the changing restrictions, 20 Cubits and NWBC’s team managed to put together an awesome online Easter experience.


The first thing we had to rethink when swapping to online only, was the service branding. We decided to name the Easter services ‘Easter: From Our Home To Yours’, as the Church wanted to give the services a homely, warm feel.

We kept things super simple, and used very similar artwork for all the social posts in the lead-up to the services.


Covid-19 restrictions meant that we were not able to use the Church building (it’s worth noting, the federal government announced an exemption for Churches. But our plans had already been made!) so we opted to shoot it in the associate pastors backyard! 

We shot both Friday and Sunday’s services in the same evening, and because we had to keep on-set numbers down, we reduced our camera setups to just 2. One for the worship, and another for the readings and sermon.

Because I know there are some gear nerds out there, I’ve included some information on the equipment we used below.


Our A camera was mounted on a Red Rock Micro OneManCrew. This is an automated slider, that allows us to add some subtle dynamic movement to the shot without an operator. We used this exclusively for the worship set. 

We shot on a Sony A7rii with a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 for the entire shoot. This camera + Lens combo is one of our favourites for any ‘to the camera’ work.
There was also a C100mkii on set for B-roll and any incidental shots (Our closeups of the fire were shot on this. 


For our worship recording, we brought in a recording engineer. He recorded multi track audio with a Digico D rack, with a Waves LV1 console using Waves tracks live.

For those interested:

  • Guitar mic – Sennheiser C414 + DI with internal pickups
  • Vocals – Sennheiser e935
  • Sennheiser G3 IEM’s

The sermon was recorded with a Hypercardioid mic on a boom. We always recommend this kind of setup over wireless lapels or more directional microphones.


Lighting was kept very simple for this one. The area we were using to shoot already had some fantastic hanging festoons to provide a nice warm fill, and we added some more along the back fence to make the background a little more interesting.

Our key light was a large lantern for a super soft source, and we added an LED panel as a hair light to assist with some separation from the background.

The Edit

We shot everything in 4k despite delivering in 1080p. This allows us to digitally crop the 4k original footage to simulate different camera angles. Sticking with the theme of this project, we kept the edit very simple, with minimal cuts and minimal graphics on screen.

Song words were added using Adobe Premiere’s built in captioning tools.

Nice simple timeline for this one

We edited each segment of the service in its own sequence, and combined them in master timeline. This let us move around aspects of the service easily.

We opted to use Filmconvert for the service’s look. Filmconvert is a great tool for quickly and easily giving your raw footage a really nice and simple colour grade. We chose a look that fit our ‘warm’ theme, and applied it to all our footage, and with a little tweaking, we landed on a good look.


In Conclusion…

We’re definitely glad the Easter rush has passed for another year. It was a busy one to say the least. We’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of content Churches have been producing worldwide.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed on Good Friday was extremely encouraging. I hope the week wasn’t too stressful for you! If you have any questions, or are looking to improve your online presence in this interesting time, feel free to send us through an email at hello@20cubits.com.au, we’d love to hear from you. 

Who are 20 Cubits?

We’re a team of Christian creatives, with a passion for helping churches reach modern congregations through technology.

20 Cubits started as a way to provide Churches of all sizes, with accessible and fairly priced design, training and production services. We bring the best Christian talent under one roof to save you the headache of trying to hire a one or two day a week designer, or manage freelancers.

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