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How To Engage Your Congregation Through Social Media During COVID-19 – With Free Resources!

These are interesting times for the church, we’re all finding new ways to communicate with our members and congregations. As we navigate these restrictions, we’re all discovering the best ways to reach our own communities through trial and lots of error.

Hopefully the ideas below provide you a few more tools in your chest to help you reach your church community.

Post Regularly

Regular posting keeps people informed, and reminds them that their Church hasn’t gone anywhere. It also provides opportunities to remind your community of upcoming online prayer meetings, devotional videos or recaps of your Sunday sermons. 

Make sure your leadership team is active on your social media accounts. Keep the conversation going!


Daily devotionals are a fantastic way to keep people informed and grounded in these turbulent times. They don’t have to be complex. A simple video recorded on an IPhone selfie camera is perfect.

They don’t have to be complex either! A simple ‘my thoughts’ video from Church leadership is perfect, and might be exactly what your Church community needs to feel connected. 

Be The Light in Your Community

Times like these are the perfect time for your congregation to be the light in your community. We’ve been encouraging Church communities to help each other and their neighbours out with some simple posts on Instagram and Facebook pages. You’re welcome to use these posts too! 

Helping Your Community - Free Resource


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Game Together

Adults aren’t the only people that will be missing the Church community in these times, kids and youth will also be seeking some way to keep connected with Church friends.

One way you can help facilitate your kids and youth connecting online, is by asking them to share their gamertags via social media. We’re even experimenting with setting up a Minecraft server for a local kids ministry to give younger members of the church community a safe way to interact and have fun together online. 

We’ve thrown together some quick social posts you can use to help spread the word too!

Gamer Tag Posts - Free Resource


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Share Prayer Points

Encourage your congregation to share their prayer points with one another, or with your church leadership online. We’ve thrown together a couple of simple images you can use to ask your congregation to send in their prayer points, or share them in the comments. 

Prayer Points - Free Resource


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Ask People To Share

Ask your congregation to share what life looks like for them! We’ve been asking families to share what Church looks like for them on Sundays, which is a fun way for people to interact and engage with each other.

What Does Church Look Like for You - Free Resource


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In Conclusion…

These are interesting times for the Church, and we’re all having to re-evaluate the way we communicate with the community and our congregations. I believe we’ll learn a lot about how to use social media in particular to build and maintain community in our Churches. If you have had success with anything in particular, we’d love to hear about it!

Send us a message over on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at hello@20cubits.com.au to share what you’ve been doing to keep in touch!

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