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How to Build A Pastor’s Video Kit

As the COVID-19 crisis escalates, the likelihood of people being confined to neighbourhoods or their homes is increasing dramatically. Especially here in Australia. 

We’ve put together a simple, cheap selection of gear to send home with your pastors, to allow them to keep safe and remain isolated, while still reaching your Church community. 



Most pastors should already have a pretty recent smartphone, and this is definitely your best option for a video recording device. You won’t have to teach them to use it, and they can post directly to their social network of choice, and live stream too. Plus, it’s free.

Audio Adapter

Sound is 70% of any video production, so ensure you’re getting the best quality sound possible.

Like in our other articles about pre-recording your sermons on a smartphone, we recommend the Rode Videomic Me-L as an affordable, directional microphone for an iPhone.

The Videomic Me is the same thing with a TRRS connector for other smartphones.

Either one of these options will do a much better job than the built in microphone.


Head down to your local camera shop (before they close!) and grab a cheap tripod to add to your pastor’s kit.

Any tripod will do, but make sure it’s reasonably stable and simple to use.

Smartphone Tripod Mount

A simple smartphone tripod adapter will be needed to allow your pastor to put their phone on the new tripod you just picked up.

These are relatively inexpensive, and some even come with a small desktop tripod that might just do the job in place of a full sized tripod.

We’d suggest picking up one of these or something similar.


As we’re going to be sending this video kit home with our pastor, it makes sense to do a little bit of training with them. Our article on pre-recording your service has some good pointers on lighting, but there a couple of things that will be helpful for them to know.

Lock Exposure & Focus

Teach your pastor to long-press on their face before they start recording.

This locks the camera’s exposure and focus, so the phone doesn’t ‘hunt’ for a focus point, or shift its exposure while recording.

Record in a Quiet Place

Ask your pastor to record in quiet place at home. Usually this will be a lounge room or living areas with a lot of soft surfaces to absorb echos.

Hard surfaces (like you’d find in a kitchen) cause echo, and can make your videos distracting or hard to watch.


We’d suggest teaching your pastor to use the video scheduling feature on Facebook to schedule videos ahead of time. This will allow them to shoot a number of videos in one sitting.

Upload your video to your Facebook page via the page manager app. Add your video description and title as normal, then select next in the top right corner.

Tap ‘How do you want to publish this?’ to open publishing options.

Select ‘schedule’, and choose when you want the video to go live.
Your video will appear on your Facebook page at your chosen time.

You can also use other platforms for your videos, but Facebook is likely to be commonly used among your church community, and is free to use.
This should save you having to teach your pastor and congregation a new platform or app.

In Conclusion…

Hopefully this article gets your Church setup to keep delivering the message to your Church community in total lock down. If you think this kind of solution might be necessary for your church, I’d suggest purchasing what you need very soon. If it’s anything like live streaming equipment, stores will be running out of this kind of gear very soon.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via Facebook or Instagram if you need a hand getting setup, or require any advice. We’re happy to help.

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