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New Facebook Live Features Available This Weekend!

The Facebook Video Product team has announced that some of their new features have become available this weekend!

Check them out below!

Host Badges

You can now add a badge to admins, moderators and editors of your page. Perfect for making sure your prayer team or Pastors stand out.

You can find out how to set up your host badges here.

Featured Links

Wanting to remind your congregation where they can go to give? Or maybe even where they can go to see your sermon archive? Facebook has added a ‘featured link’ option that’s perfect for this.

Viewers will be able to see this link when they connect, and you can change the link during your broadcast to suit the content. Find out how here.

Dedicated Live Tabs

Pages can display a persistent live tab on Facebook, making it much easier for people to find your live content while broadcasting.

This one will be super helpful for helping folks find their way to your live stream on a Sunday morning.
You can also link directly to the live tab. The link will follow this format: facebook.com/pagename/live

You can find out more about how to use these features here

Dial In To Livestreams

As mentioned when Facebook last discussed these upcoming features, Facebook is trialing a Dial-In number function for live streams. This will allow people to call a number and listen in on your stream.
Perfect for congregation members who might have shaky internet connections, or who haven’t yet got a handle on this whole ‘internet’ business!
Often these kinds of telecom related features don’t make it to the Australian market, but hopefully this will be an exception.

Facebook is testing it with a ‘limited group of pages’ so this might still be a little while away, either way, it could still be extremely helpful. Find out more here.

New Shortcuts For Viewers

Your members need a way to digitally add their ‘Amen’ from the 2nd row? Or maybe a way to show they’re raising their hands on the couch? Facebook has you covered!

Image may contain: 2 people, text

These should automatically show up for streams from Church related pages on Facebook.

In Conclusion…

Hopefully you and your Church can make use of these new features and step things up that little bit more!

Again, it’s nice to see Facebook supporting Religious organisations so directly through this period.

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